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LEDA Virtual Job Fair


Employers interested in posting their job openings on the LEDA Virtual job fair (at no cost) can send job description, qualifications, and application method to LEDA's Director of Workforce Development by email.

In addition to posting your vacancies on LEDA's website, positions are also distributed to a network of workforce centers and educational institutions as appropriate.

Position: Cox Business Field Service Technician I (Cox)

The Commercial Field Service Technician I Developing provides a world class customer experience while installing and repairing commercial products and services at the customer premise. Using a variety of skills and tools, customer requests for services are completed safely, within efficient timeframes, and with high quality to ensure reliability. Recordkeeping of transactions are maintained accurately. High quality written and verbal skills are essential to completion of this role’s responsibilities.
Primary Responsibilities and Essential Functions
• Performs on premise tasks for predominately commercial customers with occasional residential customers based on routing and demand. Tasks include wiring, mounting, interconnection, activation and testing of equipment for products which are remotely or self-provisioned, such as Business TV, CBI or Voice Manger. May have limited interaction with products which are classified as “complex” by the CB workflow standards
• Presentation and interaction with customers occurs in a manner which is highly satisfying to the customer, and builds on loyalty. Reviews work requested, describes actions that will be taken, answers questions, presents documentation, and demonstrates the proper functioning of products and services to the customer.
• Activities include preparation, installation, modification, disconnection, diagnostics and repair of commercial products providing video, phone, audio, data and wireless.
• Performance metrics meet expectation ranges of the job description within the performance management tool, with significant oversight and slight autonomy.
• Responds to requests for service installation and changes.
• Reviews and responds to requests for product and service repair or trouble resolution.
• The environments that the work occurs in include, but are not limited to; home offices in residential homes and apartments, retail centers, restaurants, schools and universities, mechanical rooms, utility sites, healthcare, governmental sites and offices.
• Professional and productive interactions are expected with customers, property managers, building engineers, other building trade workers, government officials and the public. Collaborates with Cox Communications team members and boundary partners to fulfill tasks and orders efficiently and co-operatively.
• Basic ability to interpret contracts and written agreements between the company and external parties, such as service contracts, building access agreements, easements, covenants and similar instruments in order to understand requirements, limitation and other important details related to completion of required tasks
• Operates a vehicle safely, and in a manner which reflects positively on the company image and in compliance with the law. All vehicle operation must comply with the company vehicle policy which is updated from time to time. Items within the vehicle must be stored safe and secure and in an orderly manner.
• Equipment handled and used for access while performing the tasks include, but not limited to, ladders, catwalks, aerial lifts, scissor lifts and scaffolding.
• Frequent lifting of up to 50 lbs. and occasional lifting of up to 75lbs.
• Manual tools used while performing tasks include common hand tools; screwdrivers, wrench, pliers, hammers, fish tapes, saws, etc., requiring squeezing, prying, twisting, pushing and swinging.
• Motorized tools to drill, punch, pull, compress, blow, and vacuum are commonly used.
• Operation of test equipment to verify proper performance of products and the delivery networks. Equipment includes Radio Frequency (RF) meter for power, purity, and interference; RF leakage detectors for shielding integrity; telecommunications test equipment for call progress tones, signaling and audio; Twisted Pair metallic testing for performance and connector assembly; fault detectors for cabling assurance testing, and other supplied testing tools to ensure reliability and product performance; Optical testing equipment for optical delivered signals.
• Produce accurate records of activities related to work including time, material, training, measurements, actions, inventory,  customer opinions, and “as completed” designs. The records are placed within ticketing systems, workflow tools, billing systems, routing or workforce systems, GIS and other record repositories,
• Protects the company assets, from loss, theft, and damage. Maintains an accurate inventory and tracking of assigned inventory. Provides accurate reporting for incidents that occur.
• Protects the company’s intellectual property including processes, plans, budgets, records, from unauthorized access, theft, or duplication. Follows the data security processes to the highest degree possible.
• Provide clear documentation of actions, tests and results for referring work in progress to other groups for resolution. Promptly engages support to resolve issues.
• Use of software tools used for labor, test, measurement, performance, and costs must be used timely and accurately.
• Perform tasks with a high degree of quality and accuracy to ensure proper, reliable performance of products. Completion of tasks correctly the first time attempted to prevent customer disruption.
• Maintains strong knowledge of product features and function, as well as latest methods and procedures for delivery, including back office workflow tools for task assignment. Provides timely communication to all groups (including customer) of progress of work, change in task durations, and unexpected changes in work completion. Creates a clear understanding with the Comm Center on route progress and, accurately uses the workforce management software.
• May be required to pass to additional background screenings, as required by law or as required to perform role.
• May be required to participate in stand by or on call schedules to support customers after normal business hours
• Other duties as assigned to support the completion of the department’s work.

Skills and Qualifications
• HS diploma, GED or relevant work experience
• 2 or more years of experience in a related field; i.e. a Technician working in the field supporting video, voice or data products.
• Demonstrated effective interpersonal communication skills and verbal communication skills. Direct customer interaction and product demonstration skills.
• Experience as a UHT Technician within the Field Services organization.
• Certifications on related topics from SCTE or NCTI
• Requires strong knowledge of; ITCG, NEC, NESC, mobile data devices, web page navigation, and RF measurement.
• Ability to understand, remember, and apply safety requirements, and the use of safety equipment including personal safety equipment while performing duties. This includes awareness of safety requirements of the environments the work is performed in.

Application Requirements:
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